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The Yantacaw Brook Park Conservancy is dedicated to the maintenance and improvement of Yantacaw Brook Park located in the Township of Montclair, Essex County, New Jersey.  
Yantacaw Proclamation               Board of Trustees

The Conservancy was created in 2011 out of the desire of local citizens to improve and enhance the park and its facilities for the benefit of the citizens of Montclair.  It is a New Jersey Nonprofit Corporation whose activities are governed by a Board of Trustees.  Membership in the Conservancy is open to residents of the Township of Montclair.
The Yantacaw Brook Park Conservancy is an IRC 501(c)(3) organization, donations to which are tax deductible within the guidelines allowed by the Internal Revenue Code.

The Conservancy co-ordinates the activities of its members and volunteers, raises funds for use in the park projects that its Trustees agree to undertake, and acts as the liaison with the Montclair Parks Department, with which it coordinates all of its activities.

Conservancy members and volunteers work on projects such as cleaning debris from the park, planting flowers and shrubs and weeding the beds in which they are planted.  An important focus of activities is to protect the park and its stream and pond from the introduction of invasive plants and animals such as geese that foul the park’s lawn and paths.

ENHANCE the park by maintaining and improving its trails, infrastructure, ecology, and landscaping to preserve its natural beauty and enhance its value to residents.
PROMOTE the appropriate use of the park and environmental awareness of its natural features.
MAINTAIN moderate and balanced use of the park for community, family, and charity.
PARTNER with the Montclair Parks Department, community groups, and allied organizations in support of the above objectives.

Yantacaw Brook Park Conservancy

Montclair, NJ

This website is dedicated to the improvement and maintenance of Yantacaw Brook Park, an 11.51 acre park located in Montclair, Essex County, NJ. Volunteers from the Yantacaw Brook Park Conservancy, in cooperation with the Montclair Township Park System, are working together to maintain this beautiful park for all to enjoy.